Day: May 8, 2022


The History of Japanese Harem Pants

Whether you're a sexy man or a shy girl, you can pull off a pair of Japanese harem pants to spice up your wardrobe. Whether you wear them in the bedroom, on the beach, or to work, you'll find many ways to wear them. Read on to learn more about the history of these pants. These Pants Have A Long History And Have Become Quite Popular In Recent Years The term "harem" comes from the Arabic word for sacred place for the female family members. Traditionally, this family unit consisted of wives and concubines. In 19th century illustrations, women in Northern Africa were seen wearing large trousers, which helped them preserve their modesty. Harem pants were also worn by other cultures, including the Hmong people of south-east Asia. While the style was first used in Arabic culture, its popularity spread to other parts of the world, including the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. After the mid-1980s, harem pants came back into fashion. But they were still deemed too 'costumey' by conservatives. But by that time, Hollywood superstars like M. C. Hammer made the style more mainstream by wearing them. Then, as with most fashion trends, a new version of harem pants came out and became popular again. But what makes them so enduring?