Day: June 3, 2022


Where to Find the Best Vintage Style Rugs

If you love the look of vintage style rugs, but don't know where to find the best pieces, try searching online. A good source for vintage rugs is an online store like Ambitious Home, which features handwoven rugs from around the world photographed in real homes. A great second place to look is Canary Lane, which sells vintage rugs and other items to decorate your home. Search by color and size to find the perfect piece for your home. They Continued The Tradition Of Weaving Traditional Rugs Although vintage style rugs are versatile, they are best suited for high-traffic rooms, such as living rooms, hallways, and entryways. They also make beautiful accent pieces in dining rooms and living rooms that see a lot of foot traffic. Vintage rugs are also an environmentally friendly option for decorating and are affordable. So, if you're on a tight budget, you can invest in a vintage style rug and use it for many years to come. Real vintage rugs are usually made from wool, which is durable, wears beautifully, and develops a distinctive patina over time. Because of its durability, wool is often the most expensive material for vintage rugs. Besides being more expensive, rugs made from wool are often hand-knotted or woven by experienced craftsmen. However, the downside of machine-made rugs is that they often look fake and unreal.